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A Letter For Those With a Wound of Unworthiness

Dear Soul, It breaks my heart to see you living with such insecurity shrouded in the sense of bold confidence. Your Instagram posts give the illusion that you are all put together and living life on your terms, but you know that there is seldom a moment when you feel authentic. When you are alone, you are plagued by thoughts and feelings that scare you. That sense of fraud that you contend with rears its ugly head every time you indulge the idea that you could be "unconditionally" loveable, so you perform, or care-take, or take another selfie to reassure yourself. You reach out to the world and others to make you feel valid and loveable through every "like" and "share"; that little emoji make you feel so valuable and powerful. Deep inside of the caverns of your mind, you hold a story that says, "you are not enough." So, you distract yourself in some elusive way: you workout more, buy more supplements or botanicals, attend the next spiritual class, set up your crystals grid, find a new guru, look to the stars, have your tarot cards read, consult your pendulum, or spend countless hours on social media consuming every emotion available to you. You choose to become angry and fearful, or you choose to be "love and light." Regardless of the direction you choose, you become consumed with something outside of you, rather than embracing the beautiful divinity that lies deep within your soul.

Are you placing most of your energy on seeking some validation from an outside source or are you sitting in the profound knowledge that you are unique and enormously valuable to the Master Creator and that you are Divine? Do you spend more time trying to perfect your "brand" or are you merely living and standing in your gifts in the present moment? Does fear ever consume you because you have thought about some condition, judgment, or expectation that you are not meeting or because you have compared yourself to someone or something and are now indulging despair? Do you spend more time in meditation trying to clear your mind, or are you meditating entirely on the fact that you are a perfectly Divine expression of something so much greater than you; a Master Creator that is energetically alive, vibrant, and connecting everything in the Universe. It saddens me to watch you struggle with these beliefs of limitation and the ways you abuse yourself. You abuse yourself every time you look in the mirror with a critical eye. You abuse yourself when you compare yourself to others and despair. You abuse yourself when you compromise your physical integrity. You abuse yourself when you perfect that selfie pose and add the filters. You abuse yourself when you knock back that bottle of wine or that jug of Kratom. You abuse yourself when you parade around with your fancy new baubles or that person on your arm yearning for someone to notice and give you that "thumbs up" that tells you that you are worthy. You abuse yourself when you get so high that you tune out the entire world because your stories of insignificance are rearing their ugly head. You abuse yourself when you spend frivolously on things that really do not matter and pinch every penny you already have. You abuse yourself when you do not stand in faith and live fully in your gifts. I wish you would not abuse yourself so much. I know it must be difficult for you to ask yourself the hard questions; it is excruciating when you consider all the conditions, judgments, and expectations you hold for yourself. If you really want to understand, look to the conditions, judgments, and expectations you hold for others because they are a reflection of you. I want you to know, I am not pointing out all this tragedy because I want you to feel sad, I am doing so because I want you to know how perfect you are. The key is, your perfection lies in your unconditional Divinity and a complete awareness that you are enough and there is nothing you have to do to prove your worth. I hope this helps you heal that wound of unworthiness. In all of creation, you, yes you, are an equally perfect expression of something wildly beautiful and incredibly unique; you are a visible expression of the Master Creator. You are a brilliant and bright light in the world, and you have a Divine purpose that you are destined to live. Leap boldly. You are loved!


The Divine

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