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My Year of Radical Change and All The Lessons

A year ago, I did a hard RESET on my life. I changed EVERYTHING I knew to be true and stepped out on an adventure to rediscover ME. It has been an amazing journey!

Please allow me to give you a sense of the gravity of my decision. My hard RESET involved the following:

I sold all of my material possessions (except what would fit in three large travel bags.)

I got rid of all forms of transportation, including my car, scooter, and bicycle.

I sold all my art supplies, except for my brushes. 

I released all of my coaching clients.

I sold my CBD company, HealingLeaf Botanicals.

I shelved my brand of Dr. Dewey's all-natural products. 

I closed out friendships that no longer served me.

I released my three-dogs to my companion.

I left a 14-year partnership with a person I love.

I moved to Massachusetts for two weeks.

I moved to New York State and working for four months at the Omega Institute of Holistic Studies. 

I grieved the death of my father.

I moved to and volunteered for one month at Easton Mountain Retreat Center for Gay Men in the Catskill Mountains. 

I moved to Massachusetts for another two weeks.

I moved back to Saint Petersburg.

Most importantly, I spent the last twelve months writing, meditating, crying, grieving, processing, and liberating myself from residual fear and learned how to live exclusively in the present moment. 

Ultimately, I learned what it meant to find and create a life of joy, peace, and purpose...just for ME!

As you struggle with making sense of the world you are currently living in, I want to share with you some things I learned about what happens when you life cracks, and you are forced to discover yourself (This is what we are all being invited to do right now.)

  1. Everything you need to adapt to radical change lies deep within your soul: there is a reservoir of courage, resourcefulness, faith, and hope at your disposal.

  2. The thoughts and emotions you have about how life is "supposed to be" are all lies. The game of comparison we play with ourselves and others is nothing more than a form of self-abuse. 

  3. You choose whether you believe the world is safe or unsafe, and you live into the truth you believe. If you think that the world is dangerous, you will never feel safe. If you believe the world is a safe place, you create safety for yourself and have more significant opportunities for joy and peace.

  4. Your past has no value except to serve as a record of your personal growth and evolution. 

  5. Your future is only an illusion. 

  6. The people that love unconditionally do so because they love themselves. To love unconditionally, you must abandon all conditions, judgment, and expectations you hold for yourself and others. 

  7. There are positive and negative people in the world. Positive people attempt to live in love, and negative people live in victimhood and fear. 

  8. There is only one choice we have to make about how we want to live our lives: we choose to live in fear or love. 

  9. The only place you can truly create a life of joy, peace, and purpose is in the present moment. 

If you feel like your world is cracking and are interested in chatting with someone who has been on the journey: let me show you how to step out of fear and into joy, peace, and purpose!

Please visit to download helpful journaling guides, read some interesting blog posts, or schedule a session, attend a support group. 

If you need some support, I hope we can connect soon! 

Be Well, Friends! 


P.S. We are rolling out a series of great webinars starting July 16th., We are covering fear, anxiety, depression, grief, and all the things you need to do to heal and evolve! Our goal is to give people tools to create certainty in uncertain times. Register early, there are limited spots available.

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