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Deep Dive Subconscious Analysis

The firsts step to Understanding your subconscious patterns, belief systems, and coping mechanisms.

Service Description

Using targeted questions and intuitive listening techniques, I will uncover: 1. Your core wounds, traumas, and "narratives of suffering" 2. The root beliefs, rules, and assumptions your subconscious created to cope with difficult past experiences 3. How these subconscious patterns unconsciously influence your life today 4. The compensating personas and behaviors you utilize to navigate challenging situations 5. The areas where you feel stuck recurring negative emotions like fear, shame, anger etc 6. The visions your heart yearns for but feel out of reach By the end of the session, you will gain a deep understanding of the subconscious dynamics that shape your current reality. This sets the foundation to begin rewriting your internal narratives and boldly creating the abundant, joy-filled life you desire. You'll walk away with clarity on: 1. The root of frustrating patterns 2. Explaining why you feel / behave certain ways 3. The inner barriers blocking your goals 4. Exciting first steps towards transformation Invest in this 2-hour deep dive to illuminate your inner world so you can start living the life you know is possible.

Contact Details

Denver, CO, USA

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