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This comprehensive course, led by Trey Malicoat, M.S., provides coaching and counseling professionals with the essential knowledge and skills needed to become certified in trauma-informed practice. The course covers recognizing and effectively addressing trauma, equipping you with tools to foster resilience and personal agency in clients facing adverse experiences.










  • Gain certification in trauma-informed practice.

  • Relate and connect more deeply with your clients.

  • Learn from Trey Malicoat, M.S., an experienced trauma care professional.

  • Equip yourself with skills to help clients heal from trauma.

  • Understand and recognize various types of trauma.

  • Learn techniques to effectively prevent PTSD.

  • Foster resilience and personal agency in clients.

  • Develop techniques for emotional stabilization and positive self-care.



"Such a powerful and succinct course to help me elevate my wellness practice. Thank you Trey!!"

Karen V.,


  • Recognize different types of trauma and evaluate their impact on daily functioning.

  • Assess trauma symptoms before mental disorders appear.

  • Understand the influence of trauma on personal identity and relationships.

  • Help clients process present trauma and address past core trauma.

  • Liberate clients from the negative effects of acute and chronic trauma.

  • Prevent chronic depression, anxiety, panic, and PTSD.

  • Teach clients resilience, personal agency, and how to create external anchors.

  • The impact of trauma on society.

  • Conduct trauma-sensitive therapeutic sessions for lasting change.

  • Techniques for emotional stabilization and positive self-care.


About the Certification and How to Be Most Successful 

  • Overview of course structure and objectives.

  • Tips for maximizing learning and success.

Understanding Your Trauma History

  • Identifying personal trauma history.

  • Understanding its impact on professional practice.

Process Exercise: Discovering The Impact of Trauma

  • Practical exercises to identify trauma effects.

  • Case study examples.

Breaking Free from Fear & Anxiety: Understanding Fear 

  • Understanding the root causes of fear and anxiety.

  • Techniques for managing and overcoming them.

Global Goals for Working With Trauma 

  • Setting therapeutic goals for trauma work.

  • Developing a treatment plan.

Understanding Traumatic Experiences 

  • Types of traumatic experiences.

  • Their short and long-term impacts.

Features of Community Trauma

  • Understanding trauma within a community context.

  • Strategies for community-based trauma intervention.

Influences on Long-Term Stress 

  • Factors contributing to long-term stress.

  • Methods to mitigate stress effects.

Trauma & Loss 

  • The relationship between trauma and loss.

  • Coping mechanisms for grief and loss.

Existential Impact of Trauma 

  • How trauma affects personal beliefs and worldviews.

  • Addressing existential questions in trauma therapy.

Indications of Traumatic Stress 

  • Identifying signs and symptoms of traumatic stress.

  • Early intervention strategies.

Understanding the Crisis Reaction

  • The body and mind’s response to crisis.

  • Immediate and long-term intervention techniques.

The Restoration Model for Healing 

  • Introduction to the Restoration Model.

  • Practical application of the model in therapy.

Discovering Your Client's Core Beliefs

  • Techniques to uncover core beliefs.

  • Understanding their impact on behavior and emotions.

Helping Clients Change Their Core Belief

  • Strategies to facilitate belief change.

  • Case studies and practical exercises.

Conducting a Trauma-Informed Therapeutic Session

  • Steps to conduct effective trauma-informed sessions.

  • Best practices and common pitfalls.

Encouraging Balance & Optimal Health

Tips for maintaining physical and emotional balance.

Self-care practices for therapists and clients.

Course Review 

  • Summary of key points and takeaways.

  • Next steps for applying course knowledge.

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"Incredible! I am a coach of 20+ years and Master Coach in NLP. I have developed and designed life and executive coaching programs for in person delivery. This is a comprehensive, detailed and well presented program. Trey pulls together the most useful information and insights relevant and concise for the Trauma Informed Coach. Well done, Trey!"


Laurie B.,


"Easy to follow, clear course. Lots of great exercises as well to work through your own trauma and concrete examples and lessons on conducting trauma informed coaching sessions. Thank you!"

Amanda O,.

San Franscisco


  • Over 26 years of experience in mental health.

  • Specialized training in acute trauma from the

       National Association for Victim Assistance.

  • In-field crisis responder at events like the Columbine

       High School shooting, the Pulse Nightclub shooting, and                         the World Trade Center attacks.

  • Instructor at the University of Oregon, Oregon State University, the University of Denver, and several community colleges.

  • Trainer for the Crime Victim's Academy.

  • International speaker, writer, innovator, and creator of the NeuroNarrative Model or Healing Trauma

"Incredible value for money with lots of information and resources clearly explained and generously shared .

Very impressed."

Sally-Anne T.,


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trey Costa Rica.jpg


"This is exactly the course I’ve been looking for and I’m glad I selected this during my search. Appropriately-detailed and easily understandable analysis of lectures, amazing coach and an excellent way of teaching. Thank you Trey Malicoat."

Oladiyo Abimbola M.,


"Very insightful, both as a coach, and a person with a history of complex trauma."

Karen R.,


"I enjoyed Trey's presentation style, the resource on breaking free from fear and anxiety is super helpful."

Rowene J.,


"This course is phenomenal. It guides you through the process / session with your client. I feel very empowered now to deal more effectively with my clients as a counselor. The presenter is filled with so much knowledge and really gives everything to ensure you understand Trauma. Thanks for a fantastic course."

Ishmael A.,


"The information is very detailed on how to identify what the client is faced with and how to help the client. Thank you so much for providing real life information on how to help people with trauma!"

Wanda T.,


"This is not only extremely relevant to my practice, but such a user-friendly and affordable option to grow personally and professionally."

Carrie S.,


"Very informative and well presented. The educator is experienced at organizing and presenting complex information. He summarizes well and provides specific application exercises."

Sara W.,

San Antonio

"A very clear and concise presentation on trauma informed coaching; perfect for my work as a Master Grief Coach. Highly recommend!"

Vicki K.,


"Me gustó mucho, porque es muy práctico y aplicable en cada momento del trabajo con personas que están sufriendo trauma."

Monica V.,

Mexico City

"I really like how the course was organized. It was easy to understand and navigate, and I can use all of this in my work with slight modifications."

Stephanie G.,


"As a coach and survivor of medical trauma, I found this course very beneficial in enhancing my knowledge of trauma and how to work with those who've experienced trauma of their own."

Lana L.,


"This material is good for any lawyer to take to understand the baseline of a clients trauma and how far reaching it is"

Constance B.,


"Yes, a really good

match to go with my Hypnotherapy practice where I help clients address their trauma and release it. This provided

a great framework!"

Smita G.,


"This course is PHENOMENAL! I have never left a course review, but the instructor is so well equipped and intelligent and I am experiencing so many 'aha' moments. I am so so grateful to have grabbed this course. It has helped me to more deeply understand how I can best help clients step into the best version of themselves and heal. Better than courses I paid $500+ for. Thank you so much for offering this course! It has changed my perception and thus, my work. This is something anyone could benefit from."

Abby M., 

Las Angeles

"The course gave me in-depth and taught me the tools for dealing with my own trauma wounds and helping clients equip with those tools as well. It gave me an in-depth knowledge about the impact of trauma on various levels- physiologically, psychologically, intellectually, socially and spiritually. How can we the narrative around the trauma and challenge and reframe the maladaptive core beliefs."

Garima M.,




The NeuroNarrative Approach™, pioneered by trauma expert Trey Malicoat, M.S., integrates neuroscience and narrative therapy to provide a comprehensive framework for trauma healing and personal transformation.

Understanding Trauma's Impact The NeuroNarrative Approach™ illuminates the complex interplay between trauma and the brain, providing targeted interventions that promote neural rewiring and lasting healing.

Rewriting Your Story Through narrative therapy techniques, you will reframe your experiences, release limiting beliefs, and craft an empowering narrative aligned with your authentic self.

The Restoration Model: Your Roadmap to Transformation The Restoration Model for Emotional Healing guides you through a four-stage transformative process, facilitating cognitive dissonance, challenging limiting narratives, and empowering you to manifest a life of authentic expression.

Embracing Mind-Body Integration The NeuroNarrative Approach™ integrates somatic and embodiment practices to address trauma's physiological imprints, helping you release trapped trauma and restore a sense of safety and wholeness.

Download to Learn More


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"The experience was nothing short of amazing. Trey has this wonderful ability to met you right where you are personally and professionally. I feel like I have accelerate my skills and healed something very deep!"

August B.,

Saint Petersburg

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