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As the Founder of the Restoration Academy, one of the world’s most innovative self-help

platforms, I've dedicated my life to helping people transform their lives and reclaim

control of their mental health. With over 26 years of experience in the mental health industry,

I've witnessed firsthand the limitations of traditional therapy. My mission is to provide people

with the tools they need to heal themselves, eliminating the need for ongoing therapy

sessions and medications that often aren't necessary. I believe the institution of mental

health can pathologize rather than heal, keeping people dependent rather than

empowering them.

If you’ve ever asked yourself:

  • When will they actually give me practical tools to help me heal?

  • How long do we have to talk about all the shit from my past?

  • Do they even understand what I am going through?

  • Why do they need to label me with a diagnosis?

  • How can I heal myself without paying someone $100 bucks an hour?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

My Journey to Self-Healing

Despite my success as the President of a large healthcare company and a consultant,

I found myself in a deep depression. Traditional therapy didn't provide the answers

I needed. So, I embarked on a journey of self-healing. I bought a journal, asked

myself painful questions, and conducted a comprehensive self-analysis. This process

revealed subconscious stories and patterns that were holding me back. By releasing

these stories and setting new standards for my life, I began to feel better. The

depression lifted, and the anxiety disappeared as I took control of my destiny.

Four Steps to Healing

I discovered that healing involves four key steps:

  1. Mine the Past: Identify subconscious stories, rules, conditions, judgments, and expectations.

  2. Identify Patterns: Examine work and relationship patterns to reveal fears and maladaptive behaviors.

  3. Release Painful Stories: Let go of past suffering and create a new reality with hopeful standards and goals.

  4. Live in the Present: Focus on creating a fulfilling life in the present moment.

Transformative Coaching Practice

After healing myself, I began coaching others using the techniques that worked for me. In my first year, I helped 40 clients achieve radical changes in just three months. These results were far beyond what I had seen in traditional therapy. One client told me, “I have been seeing a therapist for 15 years, and I healed more pain in three months with your techniques than I did in all of those counseling sessions over all of those years.” This feedback confirmed that I was onto something significant.

Building the Restoration Academy

Determined to make a broader impact, I founded the Restoration Academy. This platform equips people with practical tools to transform their lives. My approach goes beyond traditional mental health treatment, focusing on practical techniques and exercises to liberate individuals from limiting beliefs and foster personal growth.

Professional Background

My journey began with a deep passion for understanding the human psyche, leading me to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Public Relations from Whitworth College and a Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology from Our Lady of the Lake University. I've responded to some of the most harrowing events in recent history, including the Thurston and Columbine High School shootings, the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center, and the PULSE Nightclub shooting in Orlando. These experiences have profoundly shaped my approach as a therapist, educator, and writer.

As an educator, I’ve taught courses on various mental health topics at institutions like the University of Oregon, Oregon State University, and the University of Denver. I've authored several impactful books, including "Rewire," "The Alchemy of Emotion," "Being Seen," "A Vow to Intimacy," "The Art of Curiosity," and "Restoration." Each book has insights and practical wisdom to help readers navigate life's challenges and unlock their full potential.

Join Me on a Transformative Journey

I invite you to embark on this transformative journey with me. Let’s navigate life’s challenges, cultivate resilience, and create joy, peace, and purpose-filled lives. Welcome to the Restoration Academy – let's get started on your path to healing and empowerment!


"Trey is a rare find in the coaching and counseling world. 

He showed me a path to profound liberation and peace, and he did so with great compassion."

Angela / Montreal


Here's my promise...

If you contact me about products, coaching, retreats, or intensives, I or a member of my team will personally respond to you. There are no AI bots, virtual assistants, or barriers! 

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