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Trey Malicoat stands as a beacon of hope, guiding those affected by emotional turmoil. With a master's degree in clinical psychology and over 27 years of diverse experience, Trey offers a depth of compassion and understanding unmatched in the field.

His journey is marked by a passion for helping others through their darkest times, drawing on personal experience and a deep empathy for the human condition. The Restoration Model, a culmination of Trey's extensive practice, merges evidence-based methods with a holistic view of healing, emphasizing the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit.

The core of Trey's work is built on empowerment, compassion, collaboration, and resilience, aiming to transform suffering into strength. As a trusted ally, Trey's unique ability to connect with people, whether in one-on-one sessions, workshops, or retreats, leaves an indelible mark on all he encounters.

Trey's vast roles—from therapist to crisis responder—highlight his commitment to healing. His firsthand experience with national tragedies like Columbine and 9/11 has profoundly shaped his approach, leading to the development of the Restoration Model and Restoration Academy. These initiatives are dedicated to overcoming limiting beliefs and fostering a life of peace and purpose.

Now focusing on broader healing through motivational speaking and writing, Trey extends an invitation to all seeking transformation. His guiding hand promises a journey from pain to liberation, inviting you to reclaim your narrative and embrace a boundless life.

Discover the power of emotional healing and embark on a transformative journey.


Ready to rewrite your story and explore a life of joy, peace, and purpose? Take the first step towards healing and self-discovery today with Trey as your guide.


"Trey is a rare find in the coaching and counseling world. 

He showed me a path to profound liberation and peace, and he did so with great compassion."

Angela / Montreal

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