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We Only Have Two Choices: Fear or Peace

Updated: Apr 9

The most empowering thing a person can do is to believe they create the reality of their choosing. This is also the most terrifying thing a person can do.

When you embrace the concept that you are fully responsible for the life you choose to live, you step into a place of profound awareness.

An even more profound revelation is that you have the option of creating your reality based on only two choices: a reality of fear or peace.

Lately, I have seen people polarizing around these two realities more than I have witnessed in my previous 55 years of life. People are wrought with fear about the potential fall of our democracy, moral decency, and the foundational beliefs about how things are "supposed" to be: these folks are becoming deeply rooted in their pasts. It is as if they are "mining" the past for some tether point to secure themselves: a moral code, nostalgic memory, or faint idealization.

Another group of people chooses to disconnect from the propaganda, relax into uncertainty, and become the observer of the dynamic and beautiful changes occurring before our eyes. These people seem to be more expansive and open in their thinking because they live more exclusively in the present moment. I think they also understand that all we have control over in life is our perceptions and reactions.

If we perceive ourselves as capable of navigating any internal or external storm, we are far more able to adapt to a dynamically changing world. If we see ourselves at the mercy of others, we create a life of profound anxiety and powerlessness. We create our realities!

As I think about all the things that will continue to unfold in the coming months, I believe the average American has no comprehension of how challenging things will get. We are literally witnessing the collapse of many systems on which we have hinged our personal sense of safety. When these systems collapse, people will do one of two things: run to fear, rigidity, righteous indignation, and control, or they will run toward expansive adaptation. If they run to fear, they are rooted in their past or future. If they become expansive, they are rooted in the present moment.

Are you running toward fear rooted in your past or future or peace rooted in the present moment?

Remember, you create your reality. My hope is that you create your new reality based on hope, peace, love, and faith in yourself.



Holler if you need some help stepping out of fear and into peace.

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